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Les Gutfreund, President of House Dresser, Inc., has been in the home improvement business for over 25 years. As owner/manager of home decorating stores in Salem, Oregon and Edison, New Jersey, Les has personally redecorated and overseen the redecoration of hundreds of homes.

Les has worked on projects big and small, from the beautiful marble floors and columns of the Salem State Capitol building, to hundreds of businesses and individual homes throughout the country. He has led construction and renovation projects in Oregon, California, Texas, Nevada, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Massachusetts.

Does your home need house staging®, cleaning, painting, washing, landscape design or a general spruce-up? How about dry rot, electrical, plumbing, ceramic tile, marble restoration or carpentry repairs? We do it all under one roof.

House Dresser will coordinate and finish your project, giving you the edge to sell your property faster and with the greatest possible return. We get the job done fast!

Please contact us at:
House Dresser
PO Box 168
Salem, OR 97308
(503) 763-1234

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